Long Distance Friendships

Friendships are the most important kind of relationships, don’t you think?! Friends can keep you sane or make you crazy. They are there to listen and teach and just to lean on sometimes. This past weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of heading back to New York to see some friends from college and had the BEST time. We went to dinner at Wagamama and then headed to a few bars, and I could not have figured a better way to celebrate my birthday.

Weekly Calls – My friend, Joey, & I have a weekly (honestly more than weekly, but who is counting?!) to catch up. Having this in my schedule makes it easy to find time. It also feels IMPORTANT! Having a set time, or being able to say “Let’s talk Monday!” makes it feel more of a priority. It’s so easy to let calls go unanswered or unreturned, that a standing date makes it that much easier. Also- DON’T get annoyed if they don’t call you back! Everyone has a life, and sometimes things come up. Nobody is glued to their phone…remember that! It’s okay to send a reminder text or to try again in an hour.

Texting Daily – If texting is something you enjoy, and doesn’t seem like a chore, try texting every day! It’s the best way to communicate if you have the time. Even telling someone about little wins and losses, like the great meeting you had or the funny thing that happened at the line for coffee, can make you seem more connected! It’s also a good way to feel less alone, something a lot of people experience when they move away from their friends. My friend, Kaylee, & I literally text ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. We have for years and years. I’m not sure when it started but I truly do not see it ever stopping. I tell her everything that is happening in a given day, and it literally keeps me sane.

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Planning Trips – My friend, Sarah, & I, are always planning trips! We live in the same state, so it’s a little easier. However, it gives us something to look forward to when we are apart! We have a google doc with all the tourist sites, mini trips, restaurants, etc. that we want to visit! It’s the best way for us to collaborate and plan something while being a part. We don’t need to text every single day, or call, for us to feel connected.

Social Media – Many more of my “long distance” friends and I keep in touch via social media. It’s easy to use, basically everyone has it, and it can even keep inside jokes alive! Sending a DM, commenting on a picture, tagging them, lets them know they are on your mind, and always bring a smile to someone’s face! In this Social Media age, it’s a no brainer that it would be one of the best ways to keep in touch.

Don’t Compare Them! – Every relationship is different. I can’t compare my friendship with Kaylee to with Joey or Sarah! Each one of them have a different style they like to communicate through, and sometimes you have to be okay with that! Joey & I don’t love texting, we get much more covered in an hour call. Sarah and I both don’t have a ton to say on the phone, so quick texts every week get the job done! Kaylee and I both like sharing everything and having someone to share with. Each one of these friendships brings a different light to my life, and I’m so thankful to have them in my life STILL!

I hope you have a few great friends in your life, that you still connect with through the ways above! Let me know any others down below in the comments.

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