2019 Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a heavy one, isn’t it?!

I haven’t talked much about MYSELF on here, but I’m sure that will change in time. A little sneak into my valentines day today: I woke up late, didn’t get a chance to do my hair for work, sat in mild traffic all the way to work (40 minutes) ripped my tights right when I sat at my desk, ate a chocolate covered strawberry with a BUG on it, could not focus on any of my work…and it’s only 2pm.

I sit here on my lunch break, thinking about the rest of my day: work party at 3, pick up some free pizza from my BFF at 4, zip to my sisters house and see her baby, eat said free pizza, head to pottery class at 7, and then go to the gym at 10pm! Busy day.

This Valentine’s Day, I’m single. Which is not different than my V-Day in 2018, but it pretty different than all of my Valentine’s Day since I was 16.

I had to explain to my newly engaged coworker that I was HAPPY being single. A concept foreign to even myself sometimes. But truly, truly, I am so much happier CURRENTLY than I have been in a while. Maybe it’s the Ashwaganda I’ve been taking these last few days, maybe it’s my Pinterest board labeled “Anxiety”, maybe it’s that I’ve stopped giving a fuck about what other people are doing and have just done things that will begin to better MYSELF. Probably all three, but whatever. I’m happy right now, on this Valentine’s Day, posting a picture on Instagram filled with little pieces of my heart.

My Friends

My Parents

My Sister & Brother in Law

My Nephew


You gotta be happy with your life, before you can expect anyone else to jump right in and join you in a love fest- and I can truly say that I am!

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