Epicuro Primitivo 2017

Price: $5.99 from Trader Joes

Type: Red Blend

First Impressions: I’ve had this wine three different nights, and each time I forget to review it. I think that is my taste buds saying it’s a little forgettable, right?! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad- it’s just not outstanding. You right away taste that fresh berry taste, and then the tart hits it as you swallow, and a smokey fruity flavor is left. The after taste is a little metallic for me, but it’s not overwhelming at all. It’s easy to drink, but I wouldn’t buy it again.

Pairings: Definitely with something heavy! I think this would go great with some kind of heartier dish- something with meat. Maybe a pot roast or some kind of saucey meat dish, something you need to wash down after eating.

Alcohol Percentage: 14%

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