Grigio Luna 2017 Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie

I’ll be honest, when I’m picking out wines for the blog, I go into Trader Joes and see what has the least left! I figure it most of the bottles are gone, people must be liking it. Good logic, right?!

So last Friday, I pulled into TJ’s, and saw this on the end cap of the white wine isle…I was intrigued. There was a decent amount gone, and it had a fairly low price point- only $4.99!! I pulled the trigger and bought this and a nice red blend. Heading to the check out, getting my ID ready – because everyone thinks I look about 15 years old – the cashier grabbed this wine out of my hands and exclaimed, “It’s the BEST!!”.

A little excited about my newfound discovery of the best wine in Trader Joes, I asked her to clarify. She claimed they had been sold out for two months! Last Friday was the first day they’ve had it in stores. People were loving it! Apparently, the entire East Bay was limited to one case a week- the stores couldn’t keep it in stock. I got lucky!

To say I had high hopes for this pinot would be an understatement! They wouldn’t keep it on the shelves, people! How could this not be the best $5 wine ever?! Let’s get into the review….

Price: $4.99 from Trader Joes

Type: 2017 Pinot Grigio

First Impressions: It’s VERY light! I normally don’t love whites anymore- just because they are too sharp on my tongue and are almost acidic. I learned to love wine with pinot grigio’s, I felt a deep deep need to love this wine because of the high praise! It didn’t to too much for me, though. It’s a good, simple, clean, crisp white wine. It does it’s job almost to a fault. The flavors are so light, but also so classic! All in all, I did enjoy it! It’s been one of the few white wines I’ve enjoyed in the recent months.

Parings: Pizza, Pasta, any kind of heavy or light appetizer, but not anything sweet. Since there isn’t a ton of rich flavors, I think it should be paired with a simple dish.

Alcohol Percentage: 12%

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