Daily Lou Mission Statement

Welcome to daily lou, a insta-blog for everything currently relating to millennials, post grads, and everyone else!
I started this blog with the intentions of having a creative outlet for myself. I’m not creative, I have poor handwriting, and my PASSION hasn’t really found anywhere to fit perfectly. I have always enjoyed talking out my thoughts, social media, and acting like I know everything about a certain topic. I couldn’t go wrong with an insta-blog then, could I?
Here’s a short list of everything I aim to cover in my blog:
-affordable fashion
-affordable THINGS (I heavily enjoy things and purchasing them)
-becoming an adult
-coping with becoming an adult
-cooking and tasting yummy food
-drinking affordable wine and cocktails
-connecting with others
A little about me…in a not so little list:
-i’m 23
-i don’t love capital letters, unless of course it’s a word in ALL CAPS
-i’m forever on the search of a hobby
-in 2018, it was going to visit every open lighthouse in CA, and i only ever made it to one and a half
-i work for a pretty large non-profit, in fundraising and event management
-i currently reside in california, in my pepto bismol pink, childhood bedroom with two great roommates (mother and stepfather), however I do own my own car which is a very large point i NEED to make to show you i am supporting myself financially
-i truly, truly, believe in the spirit of helping others! i do love frivolous things that i am very fortunate to have, but nothing lights me up like helping others!!
-i crack a lot of jokes! half to entertain myself, and half because that’s really the best way i know how to process things- making a joke to understand, does that make sense?
The Mission Statement: daily lou is for 20 year olds, and 30 year olds, and everyone above and below those year olds. daily lou is here for entertainment: yours and mine alike. we aim to cover a multitude of topics, I’m sure you’ll find one you like! daily lou strives to make you smile, laugh, or maybe even recommend something new to you! We are relatable, affordable, noteworthy, and GOOD.
*Please note that mission statements are important. I truly believe that every organization, company, person, thing, etc. should have a mission statement. Spoken like a true sorority woman…you are only as good as your latest mission statement.
At the end of the day, this blog is for people to relate to. I want anyone reading this to feel like they are talking to a friend, or a sister, coworker, confidante, whoever! It will especially help if you’re like me- young and just trying to figure this crazy world out. I want to be the Instagram you see at 4:30, when you’re so close to leaving your cubicle for the day you can taste it, to help you through to 5. I want to be the wine Wednesday (stay tuned) you can read on Thursday night with a glass of your preferred affordable wine. I want to be the one to tell you that Old Navy is having a MASSIVE sale on crew neck sweaters!! I want to be the one showing you that there are other people out there who go to target at 8pm on a Friday Night for new bedding, pajamas, and a face mask that doesn’t get used until next Tuesday Night. I like to think I’m pretty relatable! Stick around for a while and see what happens next.
xoxo, lou

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