Baby Leo’s Shower!

A quick recap of the baby shower I hosted this past summer for my wonderful sister, Zoe! We held an intimate baby shower for her husband and her, and their baby boy to be! It was a simple lunch, with different salads and sandwiches made by her mother-in-law, not pictured.

We kick started the whole party with a “mom”-osa bar! OJ, Grapefruit Juice, and Pink Lemonade made up the “mom” bar, and we had champagne, white wine, and iced tea for everyone else!

To keep the guests entertained, we had a few simple activities around the house. Diaper Memos – We had guests write small notes on newborn diapers! Funny or encouraging, we had all the bases covered! They were a hit.

Onesie Station – Guests could choose from white or grey onesies, and an assortment of cut out fabric designs, to create their own one of a kind present! We loved seeing all the fun and creative ideas that our guests had! It was even better seeing them on the baby a few months later!

We didn’t want a ton of decorations, so kept it simple with flowers. I picked up 4-5 different arrangements from Trader Joe’s and we arranged them all together before the party. They were great, easy decor that she was able to keep for a few days! However, my crowning achievement was the diaper cake I was able to make! Diaper cakes are so easy to make. Each tier of the cake is made of rolled diapers, probably 20-25. Just tie each with ribbon and put stack them together. Viola, a diaper cake!

I don’t know many women who are pregnant (or close to being pregnant), but I do know I have a newfound skill of planning parties to celebrate being pregnant!!

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